Some reviews from Amazon and readers:

The Spinster's Vow

"I really liked the shy and passionate Darcy of this story. He falls in love immediately and it did not take very long before he would marry the object of his passionate affection. The old nemesis of Wickham is still present but more of a hindrance to the Bennets than to Darcy in this retelling of P&P. In addition, there is a mystery to be solved and this engages Darcy, the Bingleys and the Bennets in a search for the missing Mr. Bennet. Elizabeth's fragility because of her missing father and her family's needy ways captures Darcy's complete attention and Elizabeth benefits from his "interference" in this story rather than be injured by it."

"Even though Darcy and Lizzy start out with their usual "Love/Hate" relationship, our leading characters have been caught in one such marriage and leave the party only to realize on the next morning what has happened. From here on the plot becomes a little more realistic as relationships evolve and new twists emerge envolving familiar characters and culprits. ??? Was Lizzy compromised? Is the marriage legal? Will it be acknowledged or abandoned? What will happen to the Bennet women? What ever happened to Mr. Bennet? Will he be found or this a "who done it" book? Just what is Lizzy's vow? This book is not for the Austen purist but is definitely a good read. Thanks Enid!"

"Reading the first part, it was extremely shocking to see how it ended. Extremely different from any other variation or what if, and I recommend it. I am a diehard Darcy & Elizabeth fan, and have read over 100 variations and what if's, and this is one I would recommend."

"While reading this variation be mindful to have a cold glass or water at your disposal or a very accommodating spouse/partner."

"The characters in this engaging story are, in the main, true to the original Jane Austen characters. An exception is George Wickham. A surprising side of him is revealed very late in the story. This "what if" is a good read. The thread that holds the story together is the disappearance of Mr. Bennet."

"I enjoyed this story. It was an easy read and quite different from most JAFF. One thing I have always admired about Enid's stories is how inventive her plots are. This one is as well. The difference is that this story is a bit more grounded in conventional story telling. As such, it held greater appeal for me."

Fire and Cross

"If you want a steamy, unique, and fresh take on our time honored couple, you will like this. I have read all of Enid's books and am a fan. Keep them coming, Enid."

"Enid Wilson has created, in her beautifully crafted novel, an alternate take on Jane Austen's classic "Pride and Prejudice." What if Darcy's family had crossed paths with Elizabeth Bennet's while they were still children? What if their futures had been decided, and promises made? Would the outcome of their difficult romance be changed forever?"

"With its mysterious undertow and daring depictions of lovemaking (both dreamed and real), "Fire and Cross: Pride and Prejudice with a mysterious twist" pulls readers into its story, told from the perspective of the aloof Mr. Darcy himself."

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